to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TianDe corporation!

modern Apple devices and the main prize — a Mercedes-Benz vehicle!
Anybody can enter the competition!

Do you want to be in?

Grab the opportunity to become an owner of a modern Apple device!

How to enter the draw?

Step 1
Visit your Online Office via www.tiande.eu
Step 2
Press the button “Enter the draw” and fill in your contact details.
Step 3
Buy TianDe products in the total amount of 150 points in any TianDe Service (Dealer) Centre or via Online Business Center.

Grab the opportunity to win one of the 55 Apple devices!


the popular and representative

Apple iPhone 7

the time-proven Apple

Apple iPhone 6

the unbelievably comfortable and practical

Apple MacBook

Do you want to get one extra coupon? It is easy!

Share a post about the draw on social networks
Send a screenshot of the post to promo@tiande.ru

Do you want to own a representative car?

Enter the draw for the main prize — a luxurious Mercedes-Benz!

You just need to meet these two conditions:

1 Personal Amount ≥ 150 points;

2 Structural Amount ≥ 3 000 points.

Double your chance to become the owner of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle!

Take part in the event of the year - “TianDe Day — 2017” in Sochi (13—18 June)!

The number of your draw coupons will be doubled!

Are you active in the online environment?

Get one extra coupon!

What do you need to do?

1. Become an OBC partner.

2. Bring new partners and customers who will buy TianDe products in the total value of 1000 points in the OBC, and you will get a draw ticket!

3. Increase the total amount for 100 points or more. For each 100 points, you will get a draw ticket.

Information on your coupons can be accessed via your Online Office.

15 March
1 pm

(Moscow time)

Enter the draw for 15 modern devices!

12 April
1 pm

(Moscow time)

Enter the draw for 18 modern devices!

17 May
1 pm

(Moscow time)

Enter the draw for 22 modern devices!

14 June

the time will be announced, follow the corporation’s news

During the online broadcasting on the “TianDe Day”, we will draw the winner of the main prize — a Mercedes-Benz vehicle!

Join the online broadcasting via http://webinar.tiande.ru!

Your name may be among the winners!

An important condition — to get the prize, you have to pick up the phone during the online broadcasting!

The whole promo event takes place

from 1 February to 14 June 2017

Further information on organizers, terms and conditions, duration, total number of prizes, important dates, place and instructions for getting the prices.